Golem – Worldwide Distributed Supercomputer

Golem is a network of peer-to-peer computers aimed to provide computational power as a service. Anyone can join the network to provide resources, and anyone can request the tasks to perform.

The transactions would take place on Ethereum blockchain using a token called Golem Network Token (GNT).

Brass Golem, a service for rendering computer graphics, is available in alpha version. So, enthusiasts can test it out.

A reputation system will be in place. Both providers and requestors would be rated based on how good they are paying or performing. If someone tries to play dirty, the network will identify, and the reputation will diminish.

Also, the isolated virtual machines on providers’ computers will perform required tasks, which provides essential security feature.

Moreover, depending on the task, the requestor can choose a verification mechanism to validate the work completed.

Initial Coin Offering

The golem ICO went live in November 2016. As soon as the crowdsale started, the investors rushed, and the tokens were sold out under 30 minutes. According to CoinMarketCap, GNT is a top 50 currency in terms of market capitalization.

The current supply is 833 million, and the total token limit is one billion.


Exodus is a good wallet available for Desktop, Mac, and Linux platforms. The imToken app serves the iOS and Android mobiles.

How to get GNT?

As the Brass Golem works on the test net, you cannot earn any real GNT by participating in the testing. Once the services are live, you can earn by renting out some resources.

However, you can trade GNT on some popular exchanges: Poloniex and Bittrex.


The complete suite of golem services would be available by 2020. Which includes application registry, where developers can distribute and sell proprietary software on the network.

The service focuses on bringing individuals all over the world altogether, and to reduce the prices for the task requestors.

In this world where Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform dominate the cloud computing business, it is interesting to see how a global supercomputer will compete.

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