GXChain Blockchain as a Service: Everything you Need to Know

GXChain is on a mission and a critical one in that case. In a world where centralized megaliths treat customers as data feeds, auctioning their privacy to the highest bidder–who in turn bombards the screens of the very same customers with endless streams of ads, GXChain is launching solutions to tackle this burgeoning mess.

The blockchain platform says it is designed to build trusted data for the internet of value. Making this a privacy drive a reality is Gongxinbao (GXB), a band of developers geared towards creating an exchange where bilateral anonymous transactions can be executed while at the same time squeezing out fraud and protecting data copyright.

Special GXChain Features

At the moment, the platform services enterprises as well as government agencies that require secure data exchange solutions. But aside from securing data for enterprises and governments, GXChain is a unique blockchain that is flexible and a real utility for businesses desirous of traditional capabilities as smart contracting or dApp launches. Apart from being a blockchain as a service, GXChain offers other services as G-ID, GVM, BaaS and Blockcity.

To achieve its objective of powering a data economy market, the chain depends on Graphene—a delegated proof of stake architecture proven to be reliable, secure and scalable. This dPoS consensus system will come in handy when tracking records while Proof of Credit Share—PoCS will be to achieve consensus during data exchange. Most importantly, GXB developers chose PoCS to narrow the gaps especially when exchange involves a big and a small company. Selection for data validation depends on transaction regularity and the higher the score, the lesser the transaction fee.

Meanwhile, Block city derives its functioning and security from the GXChain. Block city is where users get to experience and explore the world ran by blockchain. Through a Proof-of-data mining incentive, users can launch dApps and mine GXS cryptocurrency. Besides, they can generate unique digital identities—G-IDs, store and monetize their data securely.

At the moment more than one million users have generated their G-IDs. Furthermore, millions more have securely stored their data via interplanetary filing system guaranteeing safety and control. Later, upon approval, data shall be available for exploration via a peer-to-peer Data Marketplace. In this unique P2P marketplace, there is no precipitation of user data effectively blocking information hijacking, fraud and copyright infringement.

GXS Price Prediction and were to Store


With a total supply of 100 million, each GXS is worth 56 cents at the time of press. However we expect GXS value to rise to $2 by Q2 2019 more so if the value of Bitcoin expands.


Note that like other markets, GXS slid 90 percent from 2017 peaks of $4.53. You can buy GXS from 17 markets but you will first need to buy ETH and BTC. Afterwards, you can store the coin at GXS wallet.

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