How GIFTO Works and GTO’s Price Prediction

how gifto works

Gifto is a futuristic platform for making instant payments in the form of virtual gifts.  These gifts have monetary value and serve as payments to online content creators executed through smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This platform is the brainchild of the Asian Innovations group Ltd. At the moment, Andy Tian serves as the CEO of Gifto. He is a versatile innovator having previously co-founded AIG itself and co-founded one of the earliest social App companies called XPD media in 2008. Accordingly, it is fair to say that Gifto is in great hands.

How Gifto work?

  1. Gift Creation-

According to the Gifto website, the gift creators have to be visual artists. However, it could be anyone since the process is simply the design of images or animations.

  1. Gift Curation-

This process involves reviewing gifts to ensure requisite quality and appropriateness. Moreover, curators ensure they prevent potential legal issues such as intellectual property and copyright violations. At the end of it content is categorized in the appropriate pricing point.

  1. GIFTO Gift Giving Process-

Beforehand, a user acquires Gifto tokens and stores them in their wallet. Next, they use the tokens to purchase virtual gifts. Platforms like Uplive conveniently facilitate the giving of gifts to content creators.  The creator decides what to do with the gift; either convert to Gifto and then fiat or keep it in their inventory.

Additionally, creators can make a ‘wish-list’ of desired gifts to be better served. The content creator gets 80 percent of the revenue, the gift creator 5 percent, 10 percent to the Gifto protocol and 2 and 3 percent to the gift curator and reward pool respectively.

Gifto ICO

The Gifto ICO took place in Dec 2017 with crowd-sale commencing on the Dec 14.  The targeted hard cap was $30 million with the contributors owning 30 percent of the total token supply. The standard ERC-20 token was the accepted currency for the ICO. All in all, it was a successful ICO and was vital to giving life to this project.

Gifto (GTO) Price prediction

Currently, Gifto price is about $0.126. As with any other cryptocurrency, precise prediction of future prices is pretty much impossible. However, there are a few pointers that could guide us. The price crash in February was bad for everyone and Gifto was no exception.

That said, full implementation on Uplive could be positive for prices. A price of just about $ 1.3 USD is reasonable for a year’s time. However, market events could make this an unrealistic target.

In conclusion, Gifto is a dynamic platform that can enhance your online experience. The future will definitely be  interesting.

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