how to buy adex

How to Buy Adex (ADX)


Regardless of the scope of your cryptocurrency investments, the fundamental step is to acquire it first. In the case of AdEx, there are several options of buying AdEx tokens (ADX) and later storing them at secure wallets as Ledger Nano S.

First things first, AdEx is a platform that will surely change disrupt advertising. AdEx utilizes the wonders of blockchain technology to create an efficient platform for targeted advertising. It mitigates fraud and inefficiency for advertisers at the same time giving consumers ads they are interested in.

How then can you acquire this coin? It is important to note that you cannot mine ADX. The standard way of acquiring it is through established exchanges from which you can transfer them to your AdEx Wallet. Let go through the procedure in the next two paragraphs.

How to Buy AdEx

It is important to note that if you cannot purchase ADX tokens using fiat currency directly at the moment. First, you have to take the additional step of first buying BTC, Tether (USDT) or ETH. Bitcoin and Ether are common commons which most exchanges accept.

It goes without saying that a cryptocurrency exchange you chose to transact with has to be secure and that is why most first time investors select reputable exchanges. Besides reputation, selecting a cryptocurrency exchange that accept fiat will make the purchase easy for you.

You see, when a cryptocurrency exchange accepts fiat, you can easily link, verify and transfer fiat currency from your bank account directly to the exchange’s USD wallet.

Where to Buy AdEx tokens

Thereafter you can easily convert them to any amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT before buying AdEx tokens. After all, it all depends on your preference and later-depending on what the exchange offers you can transact whenever you need.

Where to Buy and Store ADX

Let’s then look at some exchanges that trade in this cryptocurrency. According to data from CoinMarketCap, there are 10 different exchanges that allow exchange of BTC, ETH or USDT for AdEx's ADX tokens. Binance is a standout but you can also buy them from Bittrex, UpBit or Huobi. These are reputable exchanges and are more liquid.

Where to buy AdEx (ADX) tokens

Apart from this, they allow fiat deposit. Personally, I would recommend first time buyers to transact with Bittrex or UpBit. I both exchanges, you first have to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum before exchanging them for ADX tokens. Don’t sweat it though, the process is straight forward.

Later, you can store your ADX tokens at a secure, ERC-20 compliant wallet. Of course, you can leave your tokens at the exchange’s ADX wallet but its always prudent to move transfer them to a secure third party wallet. Such wallets include:

MyEtherWallet is most convenient as it easiest to use for coins on the Ethereum blockchain but it’s live. To safeguard your coins, I recommend Ledger Nano S since they offer the best protection against hacking.

That, in a nutshell, is how you can buy and store ADX. All in all, it is a promising coin that has the potential to change the way advertising works.

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