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How to Buy Emercoin (EMC)

Surely you have been witnessing about the latest buzz on how to buy emercoin and the coin reviews about it too. Here is our inside scoop about this coin and a little information about it.

Introducing Emercoin (EMC)

For beginners, Emercoin is a blockchain platform that is in the forefront of innovating, simple, yet easy to use Distributed Software development kits (dSDKs). It is also a cryptocurrency. In simple terms, these software kits that runs via blockchain guarantees speed and efficient but goes along in ensuring fast development of essential services and solutions. As development kits, these solutions often include technical documentation of how the kit operates, APIs and code sections for fast and easy application on certain platforms.

Emercoin is open source and it draws its technology from Bitcoin, Peercoin and Namecoin source code. Uniquely, the platform combines a hybrid system for consensus as they make use of the arm’s race of proof of work and the staking of Proof of stake. This means while one can mine the coin there is also an option of staking and earning of interest as a result.

This means their coin, ticker symbol EMC can be staked and users earn around six percent in interest per year. For complete decentralization, the network has in place RFC3489 (STUN) protocol which makes it possible for easy discovery of external IPs. Additionally, there is name value storage (NVS) in place that integrates DNS server names for each domain. With NVS, users can at any time store arbitrary data on the blockchain. For security, the network is not Turing complete meaning there is no risk of losing funds through flawed smart contracts.

How to Buy Emercoin (EMC)

Buying Emercoin is easy and in less than three steps, the whole process is complete. To begin, you must be an owner of Bitcoin or Ethereum. If not, then head to CoinBase or any other exchange of your choice that accepts fiat and buy some ETH/BTC. Afterward, identify which exchanges avail EMC. In our case, we prefer HitBTC. If you don’t have an account, you ought to register one and once verified you are good to go.

How to buy Emercoin:

  • Login to HitBTC account
  • Send BTC/ETH from CoinBase to your HitBTC BTC/ETH wallet
  • On the Left hand side of the screen, choose Buy EMC at market rates
  • Click Buy EMC. Fees varies from 0.10 percent to 0.25 percent
  • Your EMC will be automatically deposited to your HitBTC wallet

Alternatively, you can buy Emercoin using fiat at IndaCoin. Though fees are a bit steep, buying directly using your credit or debit card will save you the time and hustle.

Emercoin Wallets

After making purchases, we recommend transferring your coins from your exchange of choice to an external wallet. You can easily download Emercoin mobile or desktop wallet available for windows, Mac and Linux.

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