How to buy Linda Coin

How to Buy Linda Coin (LINDA)

Linda coin provides an anonymous cryptocurrency with a solid 70 percent PoS block reward phase and incredible earnings potential.  This article will provide a simple guide on how to buy Linda coin and safe ways of storing them.

The earning potential is impressive because it utilizes master-nodes. The master-nodes facilitate lightning fast secured transactions, with the added convenience of multi-wallets, stealth address and encrypted messaging. The end result is a remarkably high degree of anonymity.

How to Buy Linda Coin (LINDA)?

As with many established coins, there are numerous ways of acquiring the coin. However, for brevity and ease of operation, let’s highlight a few reliable methods. This guide will illustrate how to buy the coin as well as how to store it safely.

CoinBase is a popular destination and enjoys universal recognition at least within crypto-sphere. It there makes sense to use it for this guide. The purchase options are not limited to this exchange but using it should give you desired results.

Cryptopia is also an exchange where you can buy coin. It is mentioned in this guide since it’s a great avenue to acquire LINDA. The following is a summarized guide on how to buy Linda coin.

  • First, register on CoinBase and Cryptopia. This is basic step to navigating the platforms.
  • The next step is to buy Bitcoin/ETH/Litecoin on CoinBase. This is what you’ll use to buy Linda Coin. As you would probably guess, you can’t buy LINDA using Fiat currency.
  • Send the coin you have bought to Cryptopia. CoinBase and some other exchanges have not listed LINDA at the moment as a cryptocurrency pair.
  • Finally, purchase LINDA on Cryptopia using BTC/ ETH or Litecoin. This is the final step and what follows is storage.

How to Store Linda coin

There are several kinds of wallets and a savvy cryptocurrency holder should know the distinctions. Cold wallets are the safest holding method and are ideal for large amount of LINDA. There are two notable examples which are the Ledger Nano S and Trezor.

Cold wallets are ideal for storing coin long term. For users who have short-term goals or trade frequently, there is a myriad of desktop and online wallets to choose from. However, these are more susceptible to security breaches like hacking.

The offline nature of Ledger and the fact that it allows you to own the private keys of your address makes it virtually impenetrable. As far choice go, recommending this means of storage is a no brainer.

All in all, this is a simple but crucial procedure to get your coin safely stored.

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