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How to buy THETA Tokens From Binance, The Easy Way!

Theta is essentially a decentralized platform focused on video content streaming. This article will show how to purchase Theta tokens.

Anyone who has tried to purchase altcoins knows there takes some procedure. This is because it is not possible to convert your cash into say Theta Token directly.

Let’s rely on long established exchanges to have a practical guide to purchasing Theta tokens. These are the CoinBase and Binance exchanges both of which have decent reputations.

How To Buy Theta Using CoinBase And Binance

Step 1

The first step would obviously be for you to to create an account with CoinBase.  This is not necessary if you already have a CoinBase account. During account creation, you will see a “Link a New Account” button where you can add the desired payment information. There is a verification system that goes both ways on your CoinBase and bank/ card account systems.  Once the account is verified, you have a fully functional CoinBase account.

Step 2

You can now trade cryptocurrency using the Buy/Sell tab. It is important to note that buying Theta using fiat is not an option on exchanges that trade in Theta. Therefore it is important to first buy Bitcoin or ETH first before proceeding to acquire Theta tokens.

Purchasing BTC is really simple once the account is fully set up. This is because CoinBase has a very user friendly interface that allows a user to have smooth navigation.

Step 3

CoinBase offers easy BTC acquisition. However, as you might have noted, buying of Theta is the priority here. Using the same procedure as CoinBase, sign up and verify your account. Binance is one of the best sites to acquire Theta.

Using the BTC from CoinBase, you transfer the amount corresponding to the Theta you want to acquire on Binance. It goes without saying that you have to be extremely careful with the addresses to avoid losing your coin. Purchasing Theta is a formality from here and anyone with the least bit of sophistication in crypto and the internet should be smooth.

Once you have bought Theta on Binance, the next step is storage.

Step 4

This is the final and perhaps most important step. Storing your THETA safely is of paramount importance. This is because there is tremendous risk of cyber-attacks on Cryptocurrency. There are a fair number of wallets to choose from and it depends on your needs.

Hardware cold wallets are best for secure storage of coins. This option is particularly suitable for long term storage. They include Trezor and Ledger. We recommend Ledger Nano S. Online hot wallets are ideal for frequent traders who typically store a fairly small amount of coin and sell it in a short time. Options include the Electrum and Exodus wallets.

That in a nutshell is a rundown of how to acquire Theta tokens.

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