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Iconomi: The Digital Asset Fund Management Platform

Iconomi is a digital asset management platform that allows users and/or interested parties to invest in cryptocurrency index funds or Digital Asset Arrays (DAAs). Through these index funds, novice or beginner investors have an avenue to invest in promising blockchain startups. Each index has a different level of risk and made up of projects with varying performance projection. In return, the platform charge management fees ranging anywhere from one to five percent.

Understanding Iconomi Platform

In a real sense, Iconomi aims to allow all cadre of investors to different cryptocurrency projects at a go without the hassle of researching every project. That task is upon Iconomi team of cryptocurrency experts or DAA managers. These individuals select high-quality projects worth adding while at the same time increasing the prospects of high returns without spreading the risk around.

Iconomi Cryptocurrency Index Funds

Most notably, the Iconomi index fund is different to other funds as Coinbase Index Fund. This is because it is more open, accessible and accreditation is not necessary. All funds channeled to these DAAs are managed via Ethereum smart contracts. Aside from the smart contracting capability, the team makes use of an EU compliant and regulated service operator. As such, investors are guaranteed security and compliance eliminating unnecessary friction.

And it is not the team that solely select assets to include in these indices. Iconomi collaborates with companies or individuals who have shown their skill in building high performing indices. Besides, funds are secure because they are kept in a multi-sig wallet with an option of investor withdrawal just in case there is doubt on fund inaccessibility.

The Iconomi ICO and Buy Back Model

The platform’s own ERC-20 token ICN allow participants to vote on changes and other developments. Initially, after a successful Iconomi ICO raising $10 million after selling 100 million ICNs at $0.1 per token, the plan was to redistribute the profits to ICN token holders. However, they shelved this plan because of regulatory challenges.  ICN would, in essence, be security and investors would have to comply with their jurisdiction regulatory requirements. To avoid that, Iconomi has a buyback plan increasing the value of the token in the long run.

Iconomi Price Prediction, Where to Buy and Iconomi Wallet


Like other tokens, ICN performance has been dismal this year. Partly because of tough regulatory stance and the general slide of Bitcoin and ETH. At peaks, ICN retailed at $5.26 a pop. But thanks to 2018 bears, it is now worth $0.15 at the time of press. There is an opportunity though. Should the market recover, capital will flow back and ICN might retest the $0.5 mark by Q1 2019. You can buy ICN at HitBTC, Livecoin or at Liquid. Thereafter you can store your token at any of the ETH compatible wallets. But the safest way Iconomi wallet is the Ledger Nano S, a hardware wallet.

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