Kin – Decentralized Digital Services

Kin is a Cryptocurrency and a platform launched by the chat platform Kik.

The Kin ecosystem consists of digital services and applications. And the platform will be governed by a non-profit as well as independent body of members.

The Kik chat platform would be the first to join the Kin ecosystem.

In the early stages, users can earn Kin by providing value to the Kik digital community in terms of content creation, curation, and various other merchant services.

Also, a Kin Reward Engine will be in place to encourage stakeholders who bring value to the ecosystem through various communities.

The Kin Token

The token is built on Ethereum blockchain and is in compliance with ERC20 standard. So, any wallet compatible ERC20 can be used for storing Kin token.

Currently, the supply is 756 Billion Kin. And the total supply cap is 10,000 Billion. That’s massive so do the vision of Kik interactive, the team behing the Kin platform.

An ICO was held last year. And till now it gave more than five-time returns for the participants.

How get some tokens?

King Kong is an app that helps you earn some kin if you could answer all the questions asked in the application.

Moreover, more apps or services like this would come up when the integration with Kik goes live.

Otherwise, you can get some tokens on the Cryptocurrency exchanges Mercatox, CoinFalcom.

And it is also available on decentralized exchange EthereDelta where you can buy Kin with Ether, or any other trading pairs available. And you cannot use fiat currencies.

Or you can do atomic swaps on Bancor Network where unlike EtherDelta you do not need a matching party for swapping.

Soon, the Kin tokens will be moved to a different blockchain from Ethereum. Stay up to date with the news so you can move your funds to a compatible wallet.

What are your thoughts on Kin? Is it going to dominate the sharing economy? Or will it help freelancers to a great extent? Comment below.

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