MaidSafe Price Prediction

MaidSafe Price Prediction: An Expert’s Take

MaidSafe Price Prediction is a dynamic topic encompassing many internal and external factors. But first, what is Maidsafe?

Well, Maidsafe coin is the token for Safecoin platform. The team behind the coin, led by founder David Irvine, actually came together in 2006. The stated mission was to provide a platform for security and privacy online. Years later, with the advent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Safecoin is the decentralized solution to that end. Maidsafe coin tokens play the role of a currency to provide liquidity for the SAFE network. The SAFE network is essentially working as a shared economy for digital resources.

Maidsafe coin has actually been around for a while. The Maidsafe ICO successfully raised $7 million from the token sale in 2014. For a relatively untested means of fundraising at the time, the Maidsafe ICO realized a decent haul.

However, the Maidsafe ICO was problematic in the sense that about $2 million was lost due to price fluctuations after the ICO.  The development team stored the raised amount in Mastercoins instead of Bitcoin. This allowed certain competitors to get an unassailable edge.

How does SAFE work?

The SAFE network aims to combine the advantages of historic decentralized networks like BitTorrent to provide unique solutions. These include secure, encrypted data storage and file sharing, censorship resistance and anonymous surfing. As a matter of fact, the name MaidSafe stands for Massive Array of Internet Disks, Secure Access for Everyone.

You can classify SAFE network users into two broad categories; clients and farmers. Clients use the various features of the network such as data storage and surfing. On the other hand farmers store the data and secure the network earning fees in the process.

In a nutshell, SAFE is an encrypted network on top of the internet that allows networking and decentralized data storage. This network is made up of the extra hard disk space and processing power of its users.

MaidSafe Price Prediction

The current price for MAID tokens is $0.242072 USD.  MaidSafe, like most upcoming coins has seen a substantial part of its value wiped off by the Cryptocurrency bear market this year. To put it in perspective, prices peaked over $1 in January and investors who decided to make a splurge then have seen a decline of about 80 percent in Maidsafe value.

That said, the price of MaidSafe has more or less stabilized in the past three months. This means that, for now at least, further decline is unlikely. As such, sites like predict a gradual rise to about $0.4 in a few months. This prediction is based on their real-time forecast at the time of writing.

This prediction, which some would term rosy, is still nothing to rave about in terms of MaidSafe price prediction.  It takes an overall bull market for this platform to get a much needed shot in the arm.


In conclusion, making an informed Maidsafe price prediction is only meaningful if you closely follow market trends. This is because the performance of the two is inextricably linked at the hip. As an investor, you should only stake what you can afford to lose.

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