Maximine Coin: An Efficient & Transparent Pool Revenue System

Maximine coin is a rewards platform that seeks to benefit users from the advantages of collective or cloud mining. This is because the efficient platform utilizes cloud based mining to distribute mining rewards among token holders.

Accordingly, users stake a portion of pool rewards they own in return for the platform hash power. Maximine has an actual rewards management system known as Hashing Power Credit System which is an analog of Proof-of-Stake algorithms.

Maximine ICO and Price

Notably, this coin dates back to 2013 when the Maximine project CTO Mr. Hua Cai, started mining farms. These farms operate from Inner Mongolia and other areas of Northern China.

The current Maximine coin project actually came about in 2017. Accordingly, the Maximine team commenced research in July 2017 on the feasibility of a cryptocurrency. This team consequently studied existing pools like Antpool to gauge actual operations requirements.


The team agreed to go ahead with the project and conducted the Maximine ICO in April and May 2018. Certainly, the crowd sale was successful and the future of MXM was a more secure after the process. The total supply is 100,000,000 MXM with a circulating supply of about 61 million. At press time, MXM changes hands at $0.0104 USD.

Maximine Features

A Fair and Robust Network

It goes with saying that Proof of stake is really the choice mining method for up and coming cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, Maxine token holders replicate this model in what is known as The Hashing Power Credit System. In both, you essentially earn rewards for staking your tokens in the network for a reward after the stipulated period.

Multi-token Mining

Initially, mining cryptocurrencies was specific to a particular coin. An example is the Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) that enabled Bitcoin mining exclusively. Therefore, a modern platform like Maximine allows a user to freely switch between tokens and mining pools. This is beneficial because a user can maximize their profits based on market trends.

Mega Economies of Scale

The addition of the unrivaled MXM Global Miners Alliance community is definitely a bonus for the Maximine platform. You can successfully leverage on the operational and management expertise of the leaders of this community to add to your portfolio and ensure that you make excellent decisions.

State of the Art Equipment

Notably, Maximine is a priority in the development of advanced mining equipment. This platform has a front row seat for equipment like the Bitmain ASIC for Ethereum which will make mining infinitely efficient. As such, MXM tokens are an opportunity to have meaningful partnerships that will be relevant in future.


In conclusion, Maximine offers unparalleled efficiency and relevance into the near and distant future. This project is definitely an ideal tool for investors and users alike for its convenience and versatility. It is certainly one to watch.

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