MCO coin price prediction

MCO Coin Price Prediction: An Expert’s View

MCO coin, formerly known as Monaco, is a cryptocurrency Visa debit card provider. And it started operations in June 2016. Plus, MCO coin allows you to take credit/loan against your crypto holdings.

The debit card comes as a metal card with no annual fees, free ATM withdrawals, and Airport lounge access. And currency conversions are based on the interbank rate at the time of a transaction.

Also, using the MCO app, you can buy, sell, and send cryptocurrencies across the world, in addition to being able to spend. And it supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

It has an attractive rewards program that allows you to earn up to 2 percent in crypto cash backs.

And MCO had an initial coin offering between May 18 and Jun 19 of 2017. The MCO price was approximately equivalent to 0.6 USD.

MCO coin price prediction

From the beginning, MCO price has been swinging up and down. In the past month, that is July 2018, MCO has even touched 9 USD. Its all-time peak has been somewhere around 20 USD. And in fact, the MCO price has not been much dependent on the direction of the crypto market.

Let’s take a look at the token metrics. The total supply is 31,587,682 coins. And the circulating supply is around 15.7 million tokens. The MCO coin total volume is low compared to other coins like EOS, which is also trading around the same value as MCO.

According to CoinMarketCap, MCO coin is trading around 4.45 USD. Because MCO has excellent usability and its comparatively low availability, we predict, in the third quarter of this year, MCO will touch 8.75 USD.


You can buy MCO in major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, BitThumb, and Bittrex.

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