Mithril (MITH) Coin Price Prediction

Mithril Coin is essentially a blockchain based platform that has the outline of a social media network. The network primarily functions by rewarding content creators. Mithril executes all social mining-related transactions using Ethereum Smart contracts.

This means that consumers like gamers get a direct connection to game companies. The gamers share game data on their own volition and in turn earn Mithril tokens for that service. The game companies also get an opportunity to advertise efficiently to a target audience at a reasonable price. Some services you can get include live-streaming, retail and merchant services and other forms of content.

Through social mining, users can earn MITH through producing and uploading content as well as interacting with other users.Mithril, therefore, aims at creating a comprehensive ecosystem with MITH as the common thread. Users can engage in social mining to acquire MITH as well as managing their assets effortlessly.

Lit—Mithril Social Network

Lit is a unique social network for MITH. First of its kind, Lit is a platform where you can upload content as short stories either as short films and videos or photos. This way, you can be able to share content and possibly earn MITH from quality content. The amount of MITH you receive is contingent on the quality, of course, and the amount of interaction you achieve.

Moreover, the project has other partners like VAULT, Machi X and Qtum. This is an assurance of the development team’s commitment to growth and improvement. VAULT is a versatile tool, essentially serving as Mithril wallet, for you to manage Mithril tokens and other digital assets.

Mithril ICO

The Mithril ICO had some twist to it. Rather than hold a conventional Mithril ICO, the team decided on a private crowd sale where they distributed 400 million MITH.

Mithril Coin Price Prediction

The current Mithril price of $0.27 is well below the start. This is well below the highs of the second quarter of 2018 of about $1.2 but this year has been generally brutal for coin prices. The task of Mithril coin price prediction is arduous given the general volatile nature of coin markets.

That said, the price of MITH has generally stabilized in the past few weeks and further rapid decline is effectively mitigated. With the coin markets hopefully having seen their worst, there could be a gradual rise but nothing over $0.5 in the short term. However, if markets do well a rise of up-to $0.6 USD is feasible in a year.


Mithril is a dynamic and exciting platform that is valuable to its users. Through the combination of a social media-like network and blockchain technology, this platform expands the scope of crypto sphere. Social mining is a great incentive to join, engage and earn MITH. This bodes well for future growth as it checks all the boxes for future well-being. It is one to watch

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