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Nuls Coin Prediction: Expert Analysis

Nuls is a blockchain platform that lauds itself as highly modular. Using Nuls blockchain one can implement smart contracts, cross-chain consensus, and multi-chain mechanisms. Let's find out more about Nuls and Nuls Coin Prediction:

In the Nuls ecosystem, not only users can create public sub-chains, but also can implement private sub-chains. These sub-chains are customizable in terms of consensus and the way they could be managed.

One of Nuls goals is to make a blockchain developer’s job easy. And it uses modularity to hide the unnecessary details, and thus, decreases the effort needed to develop and run applications.

The base cryptocurrency is also denoted as NULS. And the circulating supply is 40 million tokens.

NULS Coin Prediction

One might think that since Nuls is a blockchain platform and is promising to improve how a blockchain works, Nuls is a good buy. In tandem, its price is 1.27 USD at the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap.

In reality, however, Neo—the Chinese version of version of Ethereum—also gives developers flexibility with the choice of programming language. But the value of Neo is far lower when compared to ETH. And, there are a lot of other general purpose blockchain platforms that say they are doing something better. But their price never showed the appreciation levels of Ether—the base currency of Ethereum blockchain.

So, the prices won’t increase based on just promises but depend on achieving the said goals. Adding to that, Nuls blockchain is yet to implement all the features.

Apart from that, the top price of NULS was 7.13 USD which happens to be on Jan 08 2018. That was also a period when crypto-prices boomed.

And in the last month, that is July 2018, NULS traded around the two and a half dollar mark. But now, it fell more than half of its value from the beginning of Aug. This is mostly due to the downward trend in the crypto-market.

If the market picks up again, NULS  coin prediction can touch 3 USD mark by the end of the third quarter. Because the total supply of NULS is relatively low and the price is swinging more in the direction of the market.

Otherwise, NULS will depreciate furthermore; as not even a single notable project is leveraging the Nuls platform. And, how the market can see value in the platform?

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