O-Chain - Cloud Decentralized

O-Chain: A Zero-Cost, Scalable Cloud Decentralized for DApps

O-Chain is a one of a kind zero-cost, fast and decentralized cloud. The self-forking utility platform is excellent for your off-chain (smart contract, data) for IoT, Enterprise and Web applications.

At the moment, most DApps have pretty much all their code execution and data storage hosted on a centralized cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).  In light of this, O-Chain aims to fill the niche by creating a scalable solution for DApps.  This will help them truly attain decentralization.

Therefore, DApps can shift their off-chain smart contract and data to O-Chain. DApps customers get assured decentralized service while conserving resources which can be allocated to further developing their business.

O-Chain's Technology

O-Chain blockchain is fashioned to execute a smart contract in sub-second deterministic times. This ensures that one piece of smart contract does not take time in line for the result of subsequent ones.

An efficient consensus made of three primary miners and 6 secondary and bench miners respectively is the reason behind this speed.

There are parallel chains and concurrent threads as well as the efficient consensus means that OChain theoretically offers infinite transactions

The notion of self-forking is revolutionary in the sense that it is a step toward chain tailor made for certain specific verticals, applications, or GEO locations. This is for the fact that the functionalities of one chain can’t satisfy every vertical or application.

As a matter of fact, the block time is one parameter is one parameter bound to change. Essentially, it stipulates finality in seconds depending on the application. Micro-payments such as receiving a token for a post can be performed on a sub-second chain. Meanwhile analytics and other functions like image processing may need to be on a separate two minute chain. This is where self-forking helps as new chains evolve decoupled from the network token value.

The genesis chain is split into smart contract and data chains from the start. This is done because it allows miners and sharders the liberty to use different equipment for data chain and smart contract chain.

Further information

The culmination of all this is better decentralization and infinite scalability. After all, these are the basic problems that linger for pioneer Coins and protocols.

At the moment the coin is at the ICO stage with pre-sale having already ended. The ICO commenced on the April 18, 2018 and will end on the Sep 15, 2018. The form of currency accepted is Ether (ETH) as it is associated with the Ethereum platform.

Saswata Basu is the founder and CEO of the platform.

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