All you need to know about Cryptocurrency

Binance Coin (BNB) – Native Exchange Token

binance coin

Binance is a fastest growing exchange with six million users and counting. It has the significant customer base form east and west parts of the globe. The Cryptocurrency exchange has listed over 240 Cryptocurrencies and tokens, and currently tops the chart in terms of 24-hour trading volume. This is a massive growth for an exchange […]

Augur – A Platform for Prediction Markets


Augur is a platform that lets anyone create a prediction market, and participate. If you want to bet on the next US presidential elections, or who will win the 2018 formula one championship, now it is possible without breaking a sweat. After all, Augur is decentral on the Ethereum platform. And now the beta version […]

Jan 10, 2018: The Bitcoin Updates

Highlights: Tim Draper, a venture capitalist, who bought Bitcoins in an auction by the United States Marshals Service (the funds seized from darknet illegal marketplace Silk Road), now wears a Bitcoin tie. South Korean exchanges are trading Cryptocurrencies at far higher prices of nearly 43% than the rest of the world at times due to […]

SegWit2x Hard Fork Activated Anyway


Initially, SegWit2x aims to improve the Bitcoin network in terms of transaction confirmation speeds and volume by tweaking the blocksize limit. (Know more about that here) But it has to be canceled due to the lack of community consensus, which is vital if creating a new fork coin like Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold is […]

Ripple (XRP) Surges Past 2.3 USD

Ripple XRP

December month has been spellbound for Ripple as the Cryptocurrency investors are rushing to buy it. And it is now trading at 2.39 USD (at the time of writing). Moreover, replaces Ether and ranks up after Bitcoin in terms of Market capitalization. Ripple is not decentralized like Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain. Meaning it does not […]

Burstcoin – An Energy Efficient Cryptocurrency


Burstcoin is a Cryptocurrency that utilizes hard disk space for mining instead of depending on RAM or processing power. So, the more disk space you have, the better mining becomes. It uses Proof-of-Capacity as a mining method. And the Burstcoin is the first ever Cryptocurrency to use this sort of mining technique. This mining system […]

Other Altcoins

here is the list of all the altcoins we have wrote of so far: AdEx Augur Binance Coin Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Gold BurstCoin Bytom Cardano CryptoRuble Dash Ethereum Classic Golem IOTA Kin Lisk Litecoin Monero NEM Neo PotCoin PTOY Ripple Syscoin Steem Tether The Billion Coin zcash we also include a short video about what […]