Patientory (PTOY) – A Healthcare Network

Patientory is a blockchain solution that provides electronic medical storage space, and the patients can make payments using the platform’s native token PTOY. It can also transfer the patient medical information from one provider to another very securely.

With the proven blockchain’s security, Patientory aims to save the medical data from cyber-attacks like the one happened with Wanna-Crypt ransomware on United Kingdom’s hospitals.

The storage nodes are set-up in the hospitals. The medical information is directly uploaded to the platform according to the patients’ preference. Bills can be paid using PTOY tokens wherever the facility is available.

The stored files on the network would be encrypted and shredded into many pieces for enhanced security. When needed these pieces are collected together using an algorithmic approach and decrypted before delivered.

A limited amount of storage space would be given to each patient for free. Patients can buy extra space using the PTOY tokens if needed.

PTOY Wallets

The PTOY token is built on Ethereum platform and an ECR20 compatible token. So, every Ethereum address using a supporting wallet can be used to store, send, and receive PTOY tokens.

The Patientory mobile and desktop apps would be available soon. Moreover, these apps will also act as PTOY wallets.

How to get PTOY tokens?

Like many platform based tokens, PTOY is pre-mined, that is created at initiation, and sold through crowdsale, basically an ICO (Initial Coin offering). So, you cannot earn PTOY tokens through mining.

However, as the Patientory based on Ethereum platform, you can mine Ethereum and can trade the earned Ether (ETH) at the exchanges for PTOY tokens.

Currently, PTOY is traded on several Cryptocurrency exchanges namely Bittrex, Liqui, EtherDelta, DecentrEx, and few more.

In recent times, the market price of the PTOY token has foreseen a significant growth. And it could be a better investment if you’re planning to buy some tokens.


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