Populous Coin Review

Populous Coin Review: An Invoice Financing Industry On The Blockchain

Populous coin is a British based coin that majors on Invoice financing. This is in line with blockchain technology’s long-term aim of revolutionizing the financial systems worldwide. As such, Populous can be a great credit scoring system for small businesses. Accordingly, Populous is a decentralized platform that provides instant capital against future earnings.

Populous Coin Review

Populous is a unique blockchain platform that intends to make inroads into the $3 trillion invoice financing industry.  How does Populous better the services of conventional invoice financing companies? Invoice financing is a competitive industry with lots of options. To understand Populous, let’s do a Populous coin review to understand the structure and token differentiation.

Pokens, PPT, and PXT

Populous Coin Review

PPT is an Ethereum token that had a high of $73 in January. The management conducted an ICO in June 2017 with a Populous ICO price of 28 cents. You can either hold PPT or use it as collateral to invest in Populous invoices. In exchange for collateralizing, you get an amount of Pokens which is allocated on a percentage of market value. Pokens have a fiat currency equivalent and you can know its value based on fiat like the US dollar. Finally, PXT is an in-house currency for Populous XBRL Platform and primarily serves as a tool for companies to purchase reports on customer financial history. None of these currencies is mineable. You can buy Populous coin from the Binance exchange or directly on Populous.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing in simple terms is a payday loan for small businesses. This means that businesses can leverage their invoices for short-term capital. This means that the vendor makes a contract with a business on outstanding invoices. They then pay back the amount at dates set by the contract. However, it differs from the loans in the sense that a third party purchases the debt for a percentage of total due.

Populous, while relying on the more efficient blockchain technology, needs wider use of blockchain to effectively earn a share in the market. Businesses are able to crowdsource loans and investors gain when the loans are repaid. This Platform will need partners in the business world to truly launch. This is because even though the Populous ICO raised $10 million, the amount is modest compared to mainstream invoice financing companies that get millions of dollars in investments from the business community.


Populous is one coin that has tremendous potential. This is because the platform offers real-world value and efficiency to a very valuable industry. The invoice financing industry is massive and Populous will explode even with a tiny percentage of this market. Therefore, it is a great coin to invest in and could be a force to reckon with in future.

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