Presearch: A Transparent Search Engine

As with anything in life, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The sheer soft power that certain software and tech giants wield is concerning. Recently, Facebook has been in the news for privacy violations concerns and this could be indicative of a trend industry-wide.

That said, this article is not a knock on the usefulness of Google particularly and similar search engines. Indeed, the giant is one of the most important innovations in history. This is merely an attempt to bring change and even improvement, even though that sounds audacious.

It goes without saying that in terms of search engines, Google is the undisputed king. With an estimated 40,000 search queries every second on average, the influence of Google on information is indisputable. With that in mind, let’s look a new company that intends to mitigate this problem; Presearch.

How Presearch Works

Presearch takes the key to all blockchain technology, decentralization, and utilizes it to great effect. This means that the monopolization of power in the hands of search engine administrators is addressed. Furthermore, this open source blockchain search engine could be the future of search engines.

In effect, the platform operates as an open network. The members of the community earn Presearch Tokens for their usage and contribution to the growth of the platform. Community members even have an influence on the development projects the platform takes up by voting.

The innovative market strategy is notable. Presearch targets the most frequent searchers, web workers and gain early adoption. This will aid in the release of future versions of the open source platform. The result is a platform that utilizes a blockchain index which is curated by the community.

The company is at the token sale stage. This is done with the intention of raising funds for the company. Presearch is an exciting prospect and has even attracted figures like Anthony Di Loro, one of Ethereum’s developers, as an advisor. It will be interesting to observe how Presearch will fare against the big boys of tech.

Final Thoughts

Google is definitely at par with the most powerful governments in the world in terms of influence. As long as it has a prohibitive control on all searches, its position as the gatekeeper of the internet is firm.

Besides, the ability to control perceptions and a staggering revenue haul are further proof of its power. Therefore a different, community-driven search engine at this point is very much a necessity.Presearch entering into this industry should be embraced globally especially by everyone who values an open internet.


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