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Revain Coin: A Trustworthy Blockchain-Based Review System

Revain Coin is a blockchain based automated feedback platform. To be more specific, Revain coin provides liquidity to the Revain platform which has the efficient feedback mechanism.

The Blockchain is an important innovation for many reasons. One of these possibilities is blockchain immutability. This means that data on the blockchain in transparent and unalterable. Accordingly, Revain utilizes this immutability to create a transparent feedback mechanism.

In a nutshell, authors can provide high-quality reviews which users can rely on, without altering. The users have rewards incentives in the form of Revain tokens. Accordingly, you can get write quality reviews on and earn Revain tokens. These reviews influence the ranking on the Revain platform.

This means that Revain is an excellent feedback mechanism.  Besides the Revain tokens, there are also R-tokens. This is an internal stable token that is available. Notably, the Revain platform also utilizes the Ethereum smart contracts to execute these reviews. Ethereum smart contracts are versatile and ideal for a platform like Revain. You can, therefore, use any Erc-20 compatible wallets to store your Revain tokens. However, hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S are most secure.

Co-operation with IBM

IBM is a tech giant that always keeps tabs with the latest innovations. Accordingly, this company was one of the first champions of the blockchain.  IBM recognized early the tremendous potential of blockchain and its ability to disrupt many industries. Among them are finance, logistics and in this case even efficient review mechanisms.

Accordingly, Revain is one of the beneficiaries of IBM’s overtures into the blockchain realm. This is in the form of artificial intelligence to check reviews. Artificial intelligence improves the efficiency of the entire platform.

The precise function of the Revain AI, based on IBM Watson, is to filter the quality of reviews. This is because it is in the interest of Revain developers to prioritize high-quality reviews for rewards. The Revain AI filters out low-quality reviews and ensures that only high-quality ones are eligible. The AI is also transparent as the mechanism is independent of human manipulation.

Revain Coin Price

At the time of writing, the Revain price is around $0.18 USD according to This pales in comparison to the approximately $3 price at the height of cryptocurrency markets in February 2018. However, given the bear market in the cryptocurrency industry generally, the decline is not apocalyptic. There is very likely going to be a rebound in prices once the markets pick up.

Revain Coin Price Prediction

Revain has been around for well over a year now. As mentioned earlier, this coin did benefit immensely from the gains of late 2017 to early 2018. However, those gains are effectively wiped out now due to the downturn in 2018.

What is the likely forecast for Revain prices in the short and long-term? The price of Revain will most likely be below the $0.3 mark at the end of the year even in the most optimistic estimates. this is because coin prices are not likely to rally massively in the short-term. In the next year, the prices could rally with positive coin markets to around $1. However, the coin is one to invest in with caution as the Revain price prediction is not entirely rosy.


Revain is a decent coin led by a qualified development team and offers a useful product in the real world. These are the two markers of a decent platform. What distinguishes serious platforms from flailing ones is how reputable the team is and how keen are they on actually improving the coin rather than making quick profits. Revain has the markers of a consistent project that will be successful in the long-term. As such, it will be exciting to track the progress of this coin in the years to come.

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