Top 7 richest People in Bitcoin

Top 7 Bitcoin Millionaires

When Bitcoin was launched in 2008 it was an underground digital cryptocurrency however, it became a worldwide sensation in 2013 when its value rose to $1000. As a result early adopters became instant millionaires.

In fact, the value of the top 100 Bitcoin holders is estimated to be over 3M Bitcoins. By today’s exchange rate that’s slightly over $25.14B.  Overly, many believe that there are over 900 Bitcoin millionaires globally. Here are the toppers:

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto-$1.1B Worth of Bitcoin

It’s still a mystery if the name Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym or the real name of the Bitcoin creator. Despite numerous attempts to disclose the identity of the multi-billionaire, he or they remain elusive. However, what is publicly available is his/their current Bitcoin holding standing at 1.1M Bitcoins. That’s translates to over $9.2B by today’s valuation.

There are a few records of Nakamoto that exist. Besides the Bitcoin’s White paper, email records between him and early Bitcoin developers are still available.

  1. Tyler and Cameroon Winklevoss-$400M

Otherwise known as the Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameroon first came into fame after their clash with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. That suit alone gave them a $65M wind fall in what they claim were for “stolen ideas”. The twins used this as capital to launch a venture capital company through which they set up a Bitcoin exchange, Winklevoss Trust in 2013.

Their Bitcoin investment has earned them $11M and both twins are estimated to be worth $400M. They are so influential and at some point 1% of all BTC in circulation couldn’t escape their hands. The Winklevoss’s main focus is to create an attractive ecosystem attractive to both institutional investors and Bitcoin day traders.

To that end, Windex and Gemini came to birth in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Gemini is the first cryptocurrency exchange that is under full regulatory oversight. Besides, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBoE) use their Bitcoin rates to Bitcoin futures.

  1. Roger Ver-$52M

In 2011, Roger made his first Bitcoin investment in his friend Charlie Shrem’s company BitInstant. He also invested in BitPay, and where items could be traded in Bitcoins.

Also known as “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger generously shares his wealth to advocate for and spread the use of Bitcoin. He would ultimately like to see fiat currency replaced by the cryptocurrency and is making the bold move of selling his 450 million Bitcoin holdings and moving them to Bitcoin Cash.

  1. Charlie Shrem-$45M

Charlie Shrem was one of the early adopters and part of the Bitcoin Foundation. He purchased a few hundred Bitcoins in 2011 when they were still trading at $3 and came up with BitInstant.

BitInstant allowed people to purchase stuff using Bitcoins. The company was initially successful however in December 2014 Shrem was sentenced to two years in prison for money laundering because of the infamous Silk Road scandal.

After his release from prison in 2016, Shrem launched Intellisys Capital, a firm that sells investment portfolios in blockchain companies.

  1. Tony Gallippi-$20M

Gallippi is among the first entrepreneurs to launch a Bitcoin payment processor. His venture, BitPay in processes more than $1M worth of BTC payments and transactions every day.

In 2014, the company employed over 80 people and continues to expand. Renowned investors as Richard Branson have their money in BitPay.

  1. Gavin Andersen-$2M

Rumors were rife that Gavin Andersen might be Satoshi himself.  He denies this claiming that he was but a close correspondent of Satoshi Nakamoto for many years during the core development years.

Besides, he is said to have been chosen as Nakamoto’s successor and is the “core maintainer” of the Bitcoin source code.

The developer has already cashed out multiple times and unfortunately, no one know the amount of Bitcoin he holds. He definitely has a big stash of Bitcoin.

  1. Blythe Masters

Among the few Bitcoin millionaire women, Masters is currently the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings.

The company develops encryption tools to improve the efficiency and settlement speeds of cryptocurrency transactions, specifically Bitcoin. Digital Asset Holdings has raised $60M for blockchain technology testing and has six offices on three continents.

Other top Bitcoin Millionaires include Dave Carlson, Yifu Guo, Jerred Kenna, Barry Silbert and Micheal Novogratz.

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