salt lending is an instant loan platform using cryptocurrencies as collateral

SALT Lending: Use Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin to Collateralize Fiat Loans

SALT Lending is a platform where Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DogeCoin and USD Coin coin holders can leverage their digital asset ownership for cash. There are no origination fees and loan amount start from $5,000. At the time of press, a $10,000 loan requires one to deposit 8.87 BTCs with an $866.11 monthly repayment at a 30 percent Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. However, repayment and other requirements are jurisdictional and KYC and AML rules are mandatory when applying for loans.

SALT Lending

This is perhaps the only where an investor can continue holding supported digital assets as collateral while remaining invested in the ever-volatile market while simultaneously providing you with the cash you need for your day to day errands or investment in other sectors.

SALT lending describes itself as a financial solution for the borrower’s blockchain assets and true to their world the platform leverage cutting edge, smart technology to offer superior security, maintain transparency and securing unmatched partnerships. It is solely because of this that they are offering products and services that provide the potential for borrower’s need.

These Set SALT Lending Apart

Though there are other platforms offering similar services, SALT Lending distinguish is unique and different from competitors. The platform has powerful partnership government regulators and other entities. SALT strives to strike a working relationship with both local and international organization and other industry association.

Perhaps this is because the co-founder is a special advisor to The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). With this position, he is actively promoting regulation and policies that will see blockchain solutions positively impact the social and economic well-being of users. Besides, SALT is a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. The Chamber’s objective is to educate, advocate and work with regulators in a bid to see widespread adoption of digital assets and blockchain technologies.

Aside from this, SALT team is overly passionate in advancing blockchain technology. Cumulatively, the team has over 21 years of experience in finance, security, and accounting. This means borrowers don’t have to worry about losing their digital assets. For asset security, the team has employed a three-point system. At no time do they pool together customers’ assets meaning monitoring of customer account is instantaneous and accessible on demand.

What is SALT Price?

SALT Price

At spot price, SALT trades at $0.255956 and is up 4.92 percent against the USD. It is down 95 percent from 2017 peaks when it traded at $17.68 a pop. Unless otherwise the BTC market requires or the platform find widespread use, its valuation will remain suppressed. If there is a significant recovery in the altcoin market, SALT price might retest $1.5 by Q1 2019.

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