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New Blockchain Mainnet Samsung Coin and New TRON Sponsorship

It is being reported that Samsung is planning a new blockchain main net featuring Samsung coin. An exclusive report on Tuesday citing a person quote familiar with Samsung's internal situation said that the company's blockchain task force, part of its wireless division is building a blockchain main net based on ethereum. The work, however, is still at the internal experimental stage. If this is true and from everything I've been reading, this is just in the testing experimental stage right now. This is not confirmed, but when you hear institutions and higher-ups talk about things going on behind the scenes in cryptocurrency.

If Samsung adopted cryptocurrency, one I think this would make complete sense for their brand. They have definitely a huge use case there. But two, Samsung is a South Korean electronics company so they're not held down by any of the USA or Chinese regulations. This would make sense. This is a direct quote, “Currently we are thinking of private blockchain, although it's not confirmed yet. It could also be a public blockchain in the future, but I think there'll be a hybrid. That is a combination of public and private blockchains.” A bit confusing. It sounds like they're toying with the idea of something permissioned. Meaning not totally decentralized. Although they say they could easily change that.

What I take away from this is that right now it is truly an internal experiment on the direction they're going to go with cryptocurrency. When the development of the blockchain is complete, Samsung may also move to launch a Samsung coin token, according to the report. The official said we expect Samsung coin to come out on the market, but the direction has not been decided yet.

Would you buy a Samsung Coin? I might buy a little bit of Samsung coin. Yeah, I have a Samsung. And what would be the use case of a Samsung coin? If the company develops a public blockchain in the future, then a Samsung coin could be traded publicly on cryptocurrency exchanges just like Bitcoin, just like Ethereum. Samsung could also bring blockchain technology to its payment APP, Samsung Pay.

But the move is not yet decided according to the official. It could also be used for gaming in the future on their apps. Because as we know, the S 10 also supports decentralized apps, dApps such as crypto gaming platform engine. What a time to be alive! If any cell phone were to do this, to me it makes total sense. It would be Samsung because two months ago the company made a leap into the blockchain arena. This is already confirmed. Samsung is already doing this. They made a leap into the blockchain arena with the unveiling of its flagship cell phone, the Galaxy S 10 which has the ability to store cryptocurrency, private keys and other features such as support, blockchain based digital signatures.

If they're supporting other cryptocurrencies on their cell phone, why not just create their own? I like it. I want to support it and as new information comes out about Samsung coin, I'm going to keep you updated.

Next piece of news, another TRON partnership. Although I'm going to take issue on the word partnership in this situation. I'll tell you why. Justin Sun tweeted out about 12 hours ago. “Thank you for the unique and innovative invitation, Liverpool. I'm impressed and I'm looking forward to exploring this TRON new partnership together.” Specifically between TRON and the Liverpool football club new partnership.

While this is pretty cool to me, after doing more research, this is clearly just a sponsorship. Now, I haven't read the exact contracts but I think this is just going to be signage and the logos on the Liverpool football games, which is cool. But that's just a sponsorship. I'm sure TRON paid to have their signage up there unless Liverpool is still heavily invested in TRON. The Liverpool football club, and in terms of a use case on how TRON and BitTorrent's token could help Liverpool football club in the future. Moreover, Justin Sun believes TRON and BitTorrent will help Liverpool if they could use their own live streaming options in the near future.

If the football club wants to stream, they can use TRON and BitTorrent network. And this partnership, TRON, and Liverpool are very similar to what we saw with Litecoin and the UFC. When Litecoin became a sponsor of the UFC and they had some signage.

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