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Great Places to Spend Your Hard-Earned Bitcoin

With cryptocurrencies like bitcoin on the rise around the world, it makes a lot of sense that numerous businesses are adapting to the times and allowing it to be used on their websites. But there are still many more stores that don't accept bitcoin than ones that do, which means it can be difficult to find the best opportunities to spend your cryptocurrency. For this reason, we've written up this handy list that can help you discover a variety of sites at which bitcoin and other cryptos are treated as functional money.

Technology Sites

In the technology sector, there’s a handful of top sites leading the pack in crypto adoption. For tech hardware, Newegg is already a known name for those on the bitcoin scene thanks to its being a major provider for some of the components required for bitcoin mining (as well as other, more everyday tech products. It's important to clarify, though, that this tech retailer also accepts bitcoin as payment. In other words – if you're a crypto miner – you can do some hardware shopping with bitcoin and purchase equipment that effectively puts that bitcoin right back to work helping you to earn more! But you can also make more ordinary purchases.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to establish your online presence and want to make bitcoin a part of it, you should be looking to Namecheap. These website wizards will help you land a domain name easily, put together a website, and launch it to the public without any hassle. And every single one of these services can be paid for in bitcoin.

Entertainment Sites

If entertainment’s what you’re in the market for, there are plenty of options on that front as well. Big-name brand Microsoft has welcomed bitcoin with open arms, allowing it to be used in its Xbox Online store. Bill Gates himself even famously called bitcoin “better than currency,” hinting at Microsoft’s forward-thinking approach to cryptocurrencies. As a result of this openness, Microsoft customers can essentially buy any and all games they could ever want with cryptocurrency.

If you’re interested in another sort of online gaming instead, there’s a rapidly increasing number of online gambling and betting websites that accept bitcoin as payment. The Gambling.com reference site carries an extensive list of the newest betting sites on the web, some of which accept cryptos among their numerous payment options. Granted, most of these sites are based in the UK, but the bigger ones cater to some degree of international access as well.

Furniture & Miscellaneous Goods Shops

If you want to put your bitcoin toward more day-to-day purchases, you have plenty of options at your disposal. For instance, if you're in the market for furniture, Overstock has you covered by allowing you to buy anything from its incredibly extensive catalog. Furniture, rugs, kitchen tools, clothes and more are all available through this massive online retailer, which is why it's often the first company mentioned when people explore opportunities to spend cryptocurrency.

Finally, while the internet's largest retailer, Amazon, famously does not embrace cryptos, a group of creative individuals have created the next best thing: Purse.io is effectively an Amazon surrogate that allows you to shop the vast majority of Amazon’s offerings while using bitcoin. You can search for what you’re looking for through Purse's Amazon search engine and place an indirect order. A bitcoin earner from the site will then get in touch with you in order to facilitate an exchange of your bitcoin for the desired item. It's that simple!

As cryptocurrency continues to make its way into the mainstream, more and more marketplaces will be making bitcoin an available payment option at checkout. Until that point, though, this list will hopefully help you identify the best places to put your bitcoin stash to use. Happy shopping!

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