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Status Coin (SNT) Price Prediction: Expert Analysis

Status coin is a bridge for blockchain technology into the mobile phone space. This platform is essentially a decentralized platform with a messaging system eerily similar to WeChat. Accordingly, Status allows users to interact seamlessly at the convenience of their palms.

This platform is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This fact allows a user to access all the Ethereum DApps directly from a mobile phone application. Status can open up Ethereum DApps access to the millions, if not billions, who use mobile phones. This is why the description of the platform as a bridge is fitting.

Status Coin (SNT) Features

The era of social media came about with the promise of unprecedented user connection and power.However, anyone who cares to notice will tell you that these tech companies are also all-powerful advertisements behemoths. Therefore, Status is a decentralized option that empowers users, owners and advertisers. Accordingly, this is an upgrade from traditional social media that primarily empower owners and advertisers.

Users are essentially significant stakeholders in the network. You have control over the kind of information you share and future development of the network. The Status Network Token (SNT) functions to provide liquidity to the network and access to certain features using the Ethereum application. Notably, only accounts that hold SNT can receive a username. This is because that requirement eliminates spam.

Users will be able to curate content through voting, much like what happens in Reddit. For Status, this is known as ‘signalling’. All these increase the user control over content and governance of the platform.

Status Wallet

Status coin comes with a hardware wallet that allows you to efficiently transact ERC-20 tokens without hitches. Notably, the Status wallet does not need a wired contact through an in-built NFC. The Status coin wallet is accessible via phone which is really convenient.

Status (SNT) Coin Price Prediction

Status Coin

Overall, Status coin provides for unprecedented features that can add a great deal to user experience. This is one of those coins that have either the potential to revolutionize the social media space or dwindle out of the limelight. The jury is still out as we’ll see below.

At the time of writing, the SNT price was about $0.02. This is, like for most coins, a significant decline from the highs of January 2018. Back then SNT prices were north of $0.6 USD. How then are SNT prices going to look in the near and distant future?

The performance of the general crypto market has a strong bearing on Status prices. This year though is a done deal and prices will most likely remain below $0.05. By the end of 2019, a slight upturn could take it past $0.1 which would still be marginally better. Further performance depends on how the development team goes about improving the network.


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