stratis price prediction

Stratis price prediction for 2019

Stratis is a blockchain platform designed for enterprise applications. Stratis allows to test, deploy, and develop C# based blockchain applications. Simply put, Sratis provides blockchain-as-a-service.

Using the Stratis platform, companies can create a complete private blockchain and can implement applications on the side-chains provided by the platform. That way, enterprises can reduce costs and avoid the complexity of implementing and maintaining a full blockchain.

Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing giant, is a service partner to Stratis. Moreover, Stratis recently launched an ICO platform, which is available through Microsoft Azure. Using this, anyone can start an Initial Coin offering (ICO) within minutes.

STRAT is the token of the platform. Sometimes it is also represented with a dollar sign—$STRAT.

Stratis price prediction 2019

Stratis has a circulating supply around 98 million tokens.

The current price of Startis is around 1.72 USD. But we have to keep the stats apart. Because Stratis is uniquely different as it focuses towards servicing enterprises. And its recent launch of ICO platform seems to make the uptick for STRAT price.

The current price, however, is low due to bad swings and due to uncertainty in the crypto market. Despite that Stratis has enormous upside potential and will grow at least four-fold in the next year (2019). We recommend you to buy some STRAT right now. The price is lower than intrinsic value. Plus, the circulating supply is relatively low. That also supports the growth of STRAT value. And you might never know how long the price stays low.

Moreover, Stratis is listed in the all-time popular exchanges Bittrex, Binance and Poloniex.


From time to time, we saw blockchain projects that do different things. But only a few are concentrating on bringing out enterprise solutions despite that fact that companies around the world are looking into blockchain tech.

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