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Bitcoin Wallet Reviews: Ledger Nano S vs. Trezor vs. KeepKey

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Look, there is nothing stomach churning for a Bitcoin investor or enthusiast than hearing his or her exchange has been hacked. It can hit you like a missile especially now when investors across the board have to contend with bears who have so far wiped more than 80 percent of Bitcoin valuation. But still, security […]

How To Buy ZCash & Store in ZCash Wallet

how to Buy ZCash

In the past few months, cryptocurrency markets have been tumultuous to say the least. That said it is worth noting that this industry started from scratch. It goes without saying the journey of many coins is nothing short of remarkable. ZCash is one of these virtual currencies. Currently, has a market capitalization of $693M and […]

Ledger Nano S Updates Its Firmware

Ledger Nano S Firmware Update

A cryptocurrency wallet is any online or offline software that secures your private keys. It is that simple. The blockchain protocol mandates regular coin release whenever validation of blocks happens. In the crypto world, you must secure your coin’s private since it legitimizes transactions within the blockchain network. Ledger Nano S Wallets are Secure There […]