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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Trends for 2019 – Part 1

Today is going to be all about the top Cryptocurrency Trends of 2019. This is not just going to be about one particular coin. This will be about the stuff that really matters. The major trends. 2019 will be the year of X. I want to say this is my personal list of what I am interested in and I backed up over a lot of the reasons behind why some facts and also a lot of experience I got from conferences this year. Here are some of the Cryptocurrency Trends I gathered, let us start from the 5th One! 

5. Decentralized Exchanges

We've been asking for decentralized exchanges the whole of 2018 and 2019 will finally see some big decentralized exchanges come online. The reason why we want them is that when we have a decentralized exchange, we keep our own funds. We can use them directly with say, your ledger or with your own private keys. You hold the funds yourself. And this is a big difference from what we have right now because if you send your funds to Binance, COOP coin or even Coinbase they hold the funds for you and they can technically, well realistically, do whatever they want with that.

With decentralized exchanges, it takes the control back to the users and then what we need is decentralized exchanges that have fast order of matching. Taking a look at the Dexes, we already have something like IdeX right now this year, but it's really, really hard to use. Next year we'll have some crazy stuff like the next platform. We also have Binance coming through with their decentralized exchange. A lot of competition in that decentralized exchange space is really good. Having a lot of very experienced people build good products. That's invaluable. It's coming into that space.

Why is it a number five? Why isn't it a number one for me? Well, I think it's because right now as it stands, there are still a few fundamental problems with decentralized exchanges. For example, how do you even manage customer support and how do you kind of manage this high liquidity that we see?

4. Institutional Money

A lot of people are going to probably hate me, for putting this at number four. But institutional money has been something that has really, really pushed this year. We have products like back being launched and it's done by the guys who ran the New York Stock Exchange. A lot of legitimacy who can and a lot of connections with traditional fines bring that in. We also have figures like Coinbase and pretty much every other fund offering institutional solutions or custody solutions and all of these are being built up right now. Why is it on number four on my list? Well, that's because you can kind of lead a horse to water, but you can't make a horse drink. The big, big fines they are probably, very cautious coming in. They see that there's a lot of craziness and shenanigans in Crypto, so they'll probably gradually kind of let the first kind of testers try it out, see how it goes, and then gradually move on onwards. That's why it's number four on my list.

Please watch out for part 2 of our cryptocurrency trends next week! 

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