What is Unobtanium (UNO)?

Unobtanium is a cryptocurrency and has similar characteristics to Bitcoin (BTC).

It is designed to be a store of value rather than a payment system. The maximum supply limit of Unobtanium is 250,000 coins. And it uses same mining algorithm as Bitcoin uses ― SHA-256, which works on proof of work consensus model.

Moreover, Unobtanium can be merge-mined with Bitcoin. Meaning you can use the same hardware at the same time to mine Unobtanium alongside with Bitcoin.

UNO token has no pre-mine, that is, developers or the team behind the launch did not take any tokens for themselves. Also, for the first 100 blocks, the mining reward was low, to allow all the miners to have their time to set-up mining rigs.

As of now, 198,399 UNO coins have been mined. Plus, there are few mining pools available:

  1. Multipool.us
  2. ZPool.ca
  3. Prohashing.com

UNO Wallets

UNO has paper, mobile as well as Windows, Mac and Linux wallets available. Detailed information is available on the official website.

How to get UNO?

If you are already mining any SHA-256 based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), then go for mining UNO.

Otherwise, it is traded in some cryptocurrency exchanges:

  1. Cryptopia
  2. Bleutrade
  3. C-CEX

At the time of writing, one UNO is worth 144 USD.

Concluding Thoughts

The official Unobtanium site looks just okay. And, we could not find a whitepaper, and that is why we could not explain you about block time, size, and reward.

Anyhow, there were four team members listed on the site, that too, all of their social media profiles have not been disclosed.

However, Unobtanium has official BitcoinTalk forum thread, a twitter handle, Telegram group, and a SubReddit.

Please look into UNO coin more cautiously before buying as it is not a very famous cryptocurrency, and not widely traded in multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

What are your thoughts about Unobtanium? Please do comment below.

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