Xcoins.io: Buy Bitcoin Instantly

Xcoins.io: Buy Bitcoin Instantly Exchange Review

Xcoins.io is a digital wallet that enables users to lend BTC to buyers and purchase Bitcoin too. Moreover the platform supposedly had the additional income generating mechanism in the form of an affiliate program. Apparently, the trick is really simple, you deposit some Bitcoin in your wallet and the system does everything else!

Well, sounds pretty straightforward, don’t it? However, for some, this sensational claim is one of those things that look good but have tell-tale signs of the opposite. In certain ways the site appears to be an excellent platform. That said, you have to do some bit of research before making a foray. Indeed, xCoins.io can be a little confusing as there are several pitfalls you need to watch out for.


The site has been operational since August 2016. Xcoins.io is the brainchild of Sergey Nikitin and is based in Menlo Park; CA. Sergey is a self-proclaimed Bitcoin enthusiast and intends to make Xcoins a one stop shop for crypto currency needs.

How to Access their Services

The process of getting verified is pretty straightforward. First, sign-up with the website to register your account. The next step is confirmation using a code sent to your registration email. Additionally, the site has 2-factor authentication which is always a decent security feature.

After confirmation, you get redirected to the “Get Bitcoin” page in their website. From then on, you have freedom to navigate the platform. The lowest accepted amount to purchase coin is $10.00 while the maximum would be $1,000.

They accept credit card payments as well as PayPal. The latter is really convenient but can be risky at the same time.


  • The verification procedure is standard and clear.It goes without saying that this brings a semblance of legitimacy to the site given other issues.
  • io accepts Credit Card and PayPal.
  • Lastly, the referral program offers additional income.


  • The website is too shallow and offers little meaningful information.
  • Some reviews of Xcoins.io are extraordinarily negative. The best way to gauge the effectiveness of a site is customer reviews. Some reviews of the site and other areas of the internet are quite vicious. It is hard to overlook them.
  • There was a hack on the site some time ago. This is not good for credibility.


The clarion call would be for anyone willing to invest in this site is to do their due diligence. This is because the avalanche of negative reviews and complaints of horrible customer service are certainly blight on the site.

This problem with transparency is something the Xcoins team will have to work on if it’s a priority at all to begin with. My advice is that you should not invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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